Ancient Tarragona and Sunny Sitges Day Trip

Ancient Tarragona and Sunny Sitges Day Trip
Choose this perfect combination of adventures exploring the south coast of Catalonia: a mix of history, sunkissed beaches and picturesque places. Visit Tarragona - the old capital of the Roman Empire, and have a relaxing afternoon at Sitges lovely seaside!
You will be heading south from Barcelona, down the beautiful coastline of Catalonia where lies the World Heritage Site of Tarragona. One of the oldest cities in Spain and once the Roman capital of the Iberian Peninsula, Tarragona is a fascinating destination. On the way, have the chance to see the breathtaking 2000 year old Roman Aqueduct, known as “The Devil’s Bridge.” Continue for a visit of Tarragona and discover its roman past. Start at the Archaeological Walkway where you will be able to see the ancient city walls. Continue with the Old Quarter and the Roman Forum and admire Tarragona stunning Gothic Cathedral. The highlight of the old Tarraco, as the city was called during Roman times, is the ancient amphitheater. Standing proudly in front of the Mediterranean sea, this almost untouched arena will wake up your imagination about how gladiators were battling each other to death. Enjoy free time for lunch and visit the traditional marketplace.
The afternoon is dedicated to Sitges, a lovely Mediterranean coastal town with golden sand beaches. This once fishing village became an avant-garde place during the modernist period which gave it a special charm and made it a center for artists and upscale people inspired by its beauty. Walk around its narrow streets and marvel at its white-washed houses, modernist buildings and lively bars and restaurants.

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