Authentic Costa Brava Day Trip

Authentic Costa Brava Day Trip
Stunning cove beaches, turquoise blue water, jagged coastline with high cliffs… Yes, all this means Costa Brava! Simply adorable, this Mediterranean landscape wouldn’t be complete without its medieval and charming seaside villages.
This unique tour offers you a one-day escape to one of the most beautiful, unspoiled and breathtaking sceneries in Spain. While you are traveling along the Costa Brava coastline you will definitely understand what “brava” means - rugged & wild. As Catalonia’s best holiday destination, it is busy during the summer, but don’t worry, we have crafted a unique selection of visits to ensure you get to see only the most authentic and charming spots on the way!
Soon after leaving Barcelona you will reach Tossa de Mar, a popular seaside town. There is no doubt that it is one of the most attractive places for tourists - Tossa de Mar has it all. Surrounded by its imposing defensive walls and a 16th century tower, this emblematic place is one of Costa Brava’s symbols. In this “Blue Paradise”, as the french painter Marc Chagall used to call it, old and new, nature and people live together in harmony and peace.
Make your way to your next destination where you will admire one of the best views on this particular route. Hidden between rock cliffs and small bays you will find Calella de Palafrugell, one of the prettiest coastal villages in Catalunya. Enjoy the spectacular scenery and have a typical Mediterranean lunch. The restaurants and the tapas places here are famous for their delicious seafood and local specialties which will complete your sun & beach day and help you relax to the max. To finish the day, we have saved for you a walk around the medieval walled village of Pals, where your steps will take you to its best preserved center with Romanesque tower and magnificent Gothic church. The atmosphere of this small town, together with the surrounding views of beaches and mountains will make your Costa Brava tour unforgettable!

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