Barcelona's Gothic Quarter Walking Tour

Barcelona's Gothic Quarter Walking Tour
Delve into the excitement of discovering amazing antique buildings through the narrowest streets of Barcelona. The architecture is a perfect union of Gothic and Romanesque styles. Every step in the Old Quarter transports you to the glory days of the city, revealing to you history and legends.
The earliest Gothic art can be found in the Gothic Cathedral of Barcelona, from where we start our tour. This is a real masterpiece! Legends and tradition are in every inch of its façade. Learn why there are always 13 geese living in the Cathedral’s cloister, and to whom it is dedicated.
Wandering into the depths of the Gothic neighborhood you will also be taken to the place where Queen Isabella championed Christopher Columbus’ journey to the New World. Also, to the main building at Plaça del Rey, that has Roman remains and the history of the city till the 20th century. After this stop you will walk by the most beautiful Gothic street, carrer Bisbe, to reach the lovely Plaça de San Felip Neri. Built in the old medieval cemetery of Montjuïc and destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, this hidden square has a long story and spirit. You will then proceed to Plaza Jaume, the center of the Old City and the administrative heart of both the city and Catalonia. The Palace of the Generalitat and the City Hall Palace are located here across from one another. Next to this important square you will find the most antique Romanesque spring water fountain in Barcelona, from where you can still have drinking fresh water.
And did you know that inside the Gothic area existed a Jewish quarter (El Call)? Your guide will also take you there!

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