Dalí Museum Tour from Barcelona

Dalí Museum Tour from Barcelona
Soak in the unparalleled world of the genius Salvador Dalí by visiting the birthplace of the artist and his giant surrealistic project of life, the Dalí Theatre-Museum!
When Dalí decided to create his own space for his major works, he was absolutely sure about the place; Figueres is the artist’s birthplace, and the church Sant Pere, where he was baptised, was another reason for him to choose the present location for the museum. Located in the old municipal theatre, which was burned during the Spanish Civil War, Dalí decided to convert the ruins of the building into the world’s largest surrealistic complex.
Symbolism is everywhere: sculptures of bread buns and golden mannequins welcome you, the eggs on the façade complete the building from the outside while preparing the visitor for the world inside, waiting to be discovered!
Some of the highlights of the Museum are the Cadillac-Rainy Taxi, the Mae West’s Face Room, the Portrait of Pablo Picasso, the Atomic Leda and many other paintings, dedicated to his beloved Gala.
Once you are inside you will have the only challenge to leave the building. Dalí created his museum as a labyrinth with many rooms, stairs and even a tower, so you can get lost in your own imagination and forget about the real life, even for a few hours.
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