Modernisme in the Old Town Walking Tour

Modernisme in the Old Town Walking Tour
Get acquainted with Barcelona’s home-grown Art Nouveau movement - Modernisme and discover the first places built in this style in the late 19th century.
Many tourists believe that Gaudí’s works are the only symbol of this period of transition. But Barcelona keeps much more secrets telling the story of symbolism, fantasy, positivism and creativity.
To follow the steps of the Modernisme, you will start at Arc de Triomf monument, a very famous and favorite place for locals and tourists. This impressive Art Nouveau building mixed with Mudéjar style architecture, still reminds of the aim it was built for - to serve as a gateway to one of the most liveliest places of the city - La Ciutadella Park. Also, as a main entrance to the Exhibition. You will continue walking down the beautiful Passeig de Sant Joan until you reach the green area of the city’s best park. This wonderful place can be considered the first great architectural expression of the Modernista movement. Here you will discover the House of the Three Dragons, which was the restaurant during the First World Exhibition that took place in Barcelona in 1888. Almost nobody knows that Antoni Gaudí was also involved in the project of the park.
The tour route will get you through the Old Quarter of Barcelona in order to reach to one of the essential jewels of Modernisme in Barcelona - Palau de la Música Catalana. This impressive concert hall was designed by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner and amazes visitors with its façade full of sculptures, stained glass, mosaics and decorative elements. Afterwards, you will continue strolling down Barcelona’s Gothic area which in 19th century was the most popular place for the famous architects, artists and painters to gather. Take a short break to enjoy the atmosphere and to have a drink at the famous modernist tavern, Els Quatre Gats (The Four Cats). As this was the former regular meeting place of Picasso and other artistic luminaries, this place has preserved the spirit of its time.
Tour proceeds to Las Ramblas avenue, where you will find a lot of examples of this unique style of architecture. Admire "Casa dels Paraigües" or the "House of Umbrellas", one of the most photographed buildings in Barcelona, and the Palau Güell. This small “palace” is Gaudí’s first major work and one of the first, if not the first, Art Nouveau buildings worldwide. Visit the house inside and take a closer look at some revolutionary details which the architect decided to apply here. The highlight of the building is the wrought iron, used to decorate the main entrance and the twenty colorful chimneys on the terrace; a symbol of innovation and unique style.

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