Montserrat Bus Tour from Barcelona

Montserrat Bus Tour from Barcelona
A trip to Montserrat - the sacred mountain of Catalonia. This mystical and fairy tale place is full of legends, history and unique landscapes waiting to be discovered!
The tour starts at 8:30 am in order to get to the Monastery of Montserrat in the early morning and have the chance to visit the Shrine of the Black Virgin before the break when the Basilica closes the access to the statue. The queue for the doorway leading to La Moreneta is usually not so long in the mornings and you will take advantage of it.
Dated from the 12th century the image is considered for miraculous and is attracting visitors from all over the world. Though the statue is protected by oval glass, visitors can still touch her right hand, which is holding a sphere symbolizing the universe and, on her lap, She is holding the young Jesus.
After visiting the magnificent church and the Black Virgin Statue, our guide will take you on a short stroll (about 20 min) to the St Miquel's Cross lookout point which offers spectacular views from the Pyrenees mountains to the beautiful delta of Llobregat river, and of course, of the monastery of Montserrat which is surrounded by rocks.
Before you leave, make time for souvenirs and trying fresh local produce from the market stalls.

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