Sagrada Família and Hospital de Sant Pau Tour

Sagrada Família and Hospital de Sant Pau Tour
Reveal the secrets of Sagrada Família and visit the largest modernist building worldwide, the imposing Hospital de Sant Pau!
In this wonderful tour we have prepared for you to visit two treasures by the two most famous modernist architects of Catalonia! First you will go inside the jewel in the crown of Gaudí’s works: The Sagrada Família Church, a simply astonishing piece of art! Although incomplete, the Basilica is a revolutionary temple, which combines height and lightness in a way no one else has done before but Gaudí.
Discover the symbolism encrypted in this masterpiece and “read” the “stone Bible” as the great architect named it. By the time when Sagrada Família will be finished, it will have three façades and eighteen towers, with its highest point at 180 metres. The building is already one of the world’s most grandiose works ever made by man!
Continue with your tour guide to the next stop on this tour, Sant Pau Hospital, the largest Art-Nouveau structure in Europe. This distinguished, superb and solemn building writes its own page in the history of architecture. It takes the visitor to the greatest moments of the newly born artistic modernism movement. Built by one of the most representative architects, Lluís Domènech i Montaner, this building was created as a splendorous complex of houses used for treatment and nursing care. Individually and uniquely each building has unparalleled beauty for a healthcare centre. You will be amazed by the stained glass windows, the colorful decoration, the ceramics and the open spaces and gardens he created, so that the patients wouldn’t feel like they were in a hospital.

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