Tibidabo and Gaudí's Torre Bellesguard Tour

Tibidabo and Gaudí's Torre Bellesguard Tour
This exclusive tour is for explorers, for those who want to visit something more than the city’s highlights and to discover Barcelona at its full glamour!
Visit the Torre Bellesguard, an exceptional place that only a few people know about its intriguing history. Built on the ruins of a medieval castle, which belonged to the last King in the Barcelona Dynasty, the house is no one else’s work but Antoni Gaudí. Recently opened to public, this space is the long kept secret of Barcelona, waiting to be discovered. Closely related to the Catalan history, Torre Bellesguard has a lot to tell.
Once you reach the rooftop you will be amazed by the surrounding view and you will understand why this small palace is named as such. In Catalan “Bellesguard” means “beautiful views” or “good viewing point”.
The tour continues to Tibidabo, the highest hill of Barcelona. Local people consider Tibidabo a mountain used for walking, sports, recreation, and most importantly, to admire the city and enjoy a breathtaking panorama. The name of the hill is related to a legend about Jesus and that’s why at the highest point is situated the church of the “Sagrat Cor” (Sacred Heart), ending with a statue of Jesus, stretching his arms, a smaller version of the world-known statue in Rio de Janeiro. Tibidabo is also visited for its Amusement Park and its many attractions. Feel free to visit the church, going up to the Jesus’ statue and then, relax and have a drink outside at the terrace with the best view!

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