Authentic Cava Tasting Tour

Authentic Cava Tasting Tour
For any wine lover it is a must to taste the famous catalan sparkling wine! The combination of the Mediterranean atmosphere and green hills covered by vineyards is nothing but perfect for any visitor! With this tour you will go at the heart of the Cava region and you will enjoy a visit to a boutique winery belonging to one of the most qualified and elaborated Cava family producers!
Your tour will start by driving southwest from Barcelona to reach the capital of the famous Cava drink, Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. This small village has a special atmosphere due to its tradition in the production of the sparkling wine. To learn the story of the Cava and to taste an authentic one we will take you to the countryside where we have prepared you a visit to one of the oldest local family producers. Growers and winemakers, this family is proud with their ecological production where every grape is harvested by hand in order to reach the best quality of each Cava bottle. The vineyards here are planted with indigenous grape types of the Mediterranean zone. During the visit you will learn about their authentic wine making process and the secret of the Cava bubbles until you become eager to try the golden drink!
This personalized visit will take about 2 hours and will end up with a tasting of 3 types of Cava.
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