Barcelona Old Quarter Tapas Tour

Barcelona Old Quarter Tapas Tour
A tour like no other! For those who like to discover Barcelona by walking but always get tempted by the delicious tapas places! The good news is you can do both together!
You will be accompanied by a guide who is passionate about Barcelona, and has a love of food, tapas and Spanish culture. Enjoy a short guided walking tour in the Gothic Quarter and Born area where you can taste Barcelona’s most delicious tapas with a glass of a cava or wine! Discover some of the hidden secrets of preparing tapas, while stopping in several local bars and restaurants, tasting the delights. Learn about the peculiarities of the Spanish and Catalan cuisine. You will feel like a local by enjoying the wonderful environment of this bustling city! At the end of the tour you'll have learned the culture of eating tapas, and how it reflects related the Catalan history, social changes and traditions.
An experience which will go much further than just eating!
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