Jamón Tasting Experience Barcelona

Jamón Tasting Experience Barcelona
Barcelona has now a brand-new and unique space for the Jamón lovers! After this extraordinary experience you will be familiar with how is prepared this world famous specialty, and you will have the most exclusive Jamón tasting you have ever dreamed of!
Your VIP experience starts with a 20 minutes audiovisual tour during which you will learn the basics of a world renowned gastronomic product. After this introduction you will be taken to the tasting space where you will enjoy the first part of your experience. Relax, have a drink and try the 6 types of Jamón: Reserve, Iberian and four designations of origin of Iberian Jamón: Huelva, Extremadura, Guijuelo and Valle de los Pedroches.
...And this is only the beginning...
After you have tasted the finest samples of this emblematic product, your group will participate in an exclusive gourmet ceremony. Seated at special table designed specifically to enjoy the Jamón carving show by a true professional. You will then select your preference and the professional carver will open and slice in front of you a brand new Jamón. Indulge and savor this delicacy for as long as you wish, accompanied by a glass of good wine or cava!
Before you leave this exquisite experience, don’t forget to take with you what is left of your Jamón, so that you can keep enjoying this genuine Spanish piece of art!

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