Girona is a small village adorned with the enchant of the big Spanish cities. Come to walk down its cobbled streets, visit medieval baths, discover the largest and best-preserved Jewish quarter on the Peninsula and attend Girona's festival!
A city of "Four Rivers"
With its wonderful location at the confluence of four rivers: Onyar (which divides the old city and the new one), Ter, Guell and Galligants, Girona is offering unique views to its visitors! Wander around the new and the old city, visiting monuments and museums, enjoying all kind of tourist and non-tourist hidden attractions, cultural offers, festival and restaurants. Visit Girona at any time of the year and you will always find a lively and exciting city full of surprises.
Girona is the capital of the county Girones (territorial, cultural and administrative Spanish division) and has more than 100,000 inhabitants.
Girona’s limestone formed of nummulites (small fossil) gives to the city the ocher gray color (stairs and buildings typical of the old city, as the Cathedral, Sant Feliu church were built with this stone).
Girona was strategically placed as a gateway city on the Roman road, the Via Augusta. It has passed from the hands of the Romans to the Visigoths and then it was under the Arab yoke to finally be delivered to Charlemagne, because of this, Girona is considered a land of miscegenation. A large Jewish community in the late ninth century came subsequently to settle including the famous Jueu call (one of the largest and best preserved European Jewish neighborhoods). The museum that is currently here gives you an overview of their presence.
One of the biggest attractions of Girona is also the fortress wall which was surrounding the old city and was used for protection during the middle ages. Today you can experience a stroll down the wall and don’t forget your camera because amazing views are awaiting for you there!
Girona, The city of Flowers
Imagine an entire city adorned and vestured of flowers! This is exactly how Girona looks like during its biggest spring festival – Temps de Flors (Flower Time). Every year for one week in May more than 200 000 persons visit the city to admire the beautiful flower collections spreaded all around the old quarter – the squares, private yards and houses and even the churches are decorated with different flower compositions and open to public. Once you go, you just need to follow the exhibition route and admire Girona’s magnificent architecture embellished with colors and aromas! The festival is also a good opportunity to visit the major tourist attractions of the city free of charge like the Arab Baths, The Cathedral and Sant Feliu Church.