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Next to the sun-kissed coast of the Mediterranean sea you will find the place which attracted the Roman Empire more than 2000 years ago! The old capital of the Romans is a hidden gem with its ancient ruins, medieval quarter and stunning cathedral! You will realize why we so highly recommend Tarragona when you see its Roman amphitheater, set proudly in front of the azur blue waters of the sea.

Tarragona is one of the provinces, which are part of Catalonia. It is also the capital of the Costa Dorada, with 161 km of coastline. It is located on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, which gives it a strategic location and extraordinary views of it.

Despite the great importance of the petrochemical and textile industry, viticulture, and agriculture the most notable of the city of Tarragona is its huge monumental heritage. Its historical vicissitudes have left a huge legacy: Tarragona is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

In the year 218 bC it was invaded by the Romans and they occupied, making Tarragona capital of Hispania Citerior. In the year 45 a.J.C. Julio Cesar declared it colony of Roman Empire. During all this period of Roman occupation too many monuments were built: the Aqueduct, the Wall, the Tower of Escipions, Circ, the Forum of the Colony and the provincial, the Amphitheatre, the Arc de Bera, the Devil’s Bridge. These monuments are considered the main attractions of the city.

Following the Roman occupation, it was recovered by the Christians, later it was invaded by the Franks, the Germans, the Visigoths, after it was invaded by Muslims in the year 716: what an amazing history! Do not hesitate in visiting Tarragona, we will become your best travel mates who will guide you inside the heart of this city.

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