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The first time I drank a Cava in Spain I realized that the party had just started when toasting in this funny way: “Arriba, abajo, al centro y adentro!” This simply means, Glasses up, glasses down, to the front and inside! Although not the exact same, we could say Cava is the Spanish answer to...
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We are used to make all sorts of New Year’s resolutions to ourselves about finally traveling the following year, and the result is one which we are sure many of you are familiar with: the months pass by, summer arrives, money is gone and the load of work and responsibilities increases (usually “promising” myself that...
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Designed by an Italian architect, this green spot is the oldest garden of Barcelona. The space is full of old palaces, romantic buildings, a chinese gate and a lot of beautiful sculptures. The nature here is abundant and richer than in any other park around and the lakes are full with small golden fishes, terrapins...
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Barcelona has become one of the top tourist destinations of Spain, most likely because of its cultural heritage and mild Mediterranean climate. The best time to visit Barcelona depends on a visitor’s preferences and priorities. However, it’s wise to keep in mind several factors like weather, crowds, events and festivals. That’s why we have decided...
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