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A trip to Barcelona, my travel mission this summer!

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We are used to make all sorts of New Year’s resolutions to ourselves about finally traveling the following year, and the result is one which we are sure many of you are familiar with: the months pass by, summer arrives, money is gone and the load of work and responsibilities increases (usually “promising” myself that I’d travel next year). It is time to break this vicious cycle and just start traveling!

A perfect choice for a travel mission is Barcelona. Be sure of that! Barcelona is more than tanning under the amazing Sun, perfect weather, spectacular views and nice beaches! May be this is your main reason, but let us tell you some extra arguments.

Why visit Barcelona?
Barcelona is the perfect place to travel to have fun, and it is a city where you will be constantly surprised with every step you take! No travel destination can be boring for the people who love to travel and explore new places, but let’s just say that to visit Barcelona you don’t even need to look for excuse. Working on going to a magical, cultural and unique place should be something to look forward to, and that’s why we have prepared some really good reasons to help you add Barcelona to your future to-visit-list:
One of the world’s top greatest destinations to visit
Barcelona has neighborhoods with their own identity and extraordinary charm, authentic life and colors. It is not a secret that in the last years the city is gaining more and more visitors, and we are proud to say that in 2014 Barcelona was in the Top Ten most visited cities in the world and is the third most photographed city in the world! This prize is a merit of Gaudí’s works, mostly, but we assure you that every corner here deserves special attention!

Food-lovers destination
If you are a gourmet-seeker or you simply have the law “eat and drink local”, you will definitely feel at home! Barcelona has it all – from Michelin restaurants to cozy local tapas bars, here the food is simply a passion for the locals.
Be sure you don’t miss a visit to one of the many food markets where you can see all at one place and try delicacies. The most touristic one is La Boqueria market, but if you like to avoid the crowds and to meet more local people, you can try Santa Caterina, Sant Antoni or Sagrada Familia markets. We promise you that walking around these places will add a special flavor to your stay in the city.

A cultural hub
On the other hand in Barcelona there are a plenty of museums and cultural centers, some of them unique and avant-garde places which are a must! Whether you like history, architecture, science, sports or art, you will always find a place to visit. In addition, Barcelona neighbourhoods offer diversity and traditions that are widely celebrated and very well promoted. No matter when you come, you will always find a festival, parade or a custom being celebrated.

Easily reached destination and international bridge

And last but not least: Barcelona is the city of low-cost flights to and from almost any major city, especially in Europe. The capital of Catalonia has also received the attention of the cruise-lovers as a top Mediterranean destination. It has become an international bridge for those who plan to visit several places, but be warned there is a high risk of canceling your plans if you dare to stay more than three days. We are sure you do not need any arguments if you’ve already been to this city at least once. Our goal is to inspire motivation in those who do not know Barcelona. Be sure that we are looking forward to your visit with open arms!
You will be enchanted in such a way by Barcelona that you might even think of moving there and starting a new life in Catalonia. We are not exaggerating! The city and its surroundings is not for a three-day visit. This could be just be the beginning, because travelling to Barcelona is meant to be a visit that could last a lifetime.
Barcelona is more than the city of Gaudí, Picasso, Dalí and the Cradle of Modernism, Barcelona is a city of incomparable beauty; sun and beach; mountain; culture; art; music and dance; sport and gastronomy.

Last motivation
For those who love Spanish, flamenco, paella, street spectacles, football, sunny weather and want to have fun, Barcelona is here awaiting for you! Relaxed, easy-going people, locals and visitors, and city’s unique atmosphere will make you feel better than ever! You can find plenty of ways to enjoy and take the most out of your visit: whether you prefer walking or you want to explore the city in a new way like segway or Go-Car tours, on a bike or rollerblades, there are many choices to make your visit more enjoyable. These kind of experiences will contribute to making this travel mission unique and unforgettable!

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